DSC_0061 In the news: $86 million US counter-narcotics plane still grounded

Back in Washington State:


Border Patrol cuts ribbon for new $11.9 million facility in Port Angeles


Heroin epidemic gripping Port Angeles


Port Angeles residents fed up with heroin problem

Seattle media:


“James said western Washington might as well be the backyard for three Mexican drug cartels.”


Heroin epidemic at root of Seattle’s homeless crisis

“Another element is a flood of high-potency heroin pouring in from Mexican cartels.”

Welcome Home Troops

Thanks for your service


Local law enforcement agencies may benefit when the US Dept. of Homeland Security fails to keep heroin out of the US-

Seattle media:

Heroin busts could finance police construction in Snohomish


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US Troops to Iraq & Afghanistan


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Newspeople will not question the US Border Patrol at Port Angeles?

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Our free and independent press has stopped asking questions.





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