New Facebook Dislike Button Will Delete Posts With 10 Dislikes

Imagine a good discussion about public schools, a political race, foreign policy, equal rights, liberty, the economy, freedom of expression, etc. If 10 people don’t like a comment- it’s gone.

Things could get pretty one-sided in comments Re: gun control, flying a rebel flag, or serving gay customers over at the bakery.

No problem at all with the thumbs down button- but as a tool to eliminate comments? No thanks.

No hate speech, threats, foul language, attacking other commenters- these are rules that make sense.

Eliminating comments is information suppression.

Will the dislike button be used on pages run by major news outlets to eliminate their posts or comments on favorite coffee drinks, most popular baby names, favorite snack foods, cutest pet photos, and other Ron Burgundy-approved news features?

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Land of Information Suppression


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