Federalized feeding station update:

Oak Harbor schools serving lunches ‘rain or shine’, District gets USDA grant to ensure kids eat over summer

“The lunches are available to all children regardless of family income. The program is intended to make sure tummies stay full when children don’t have access to the school cafeteria.”

“The program is paid for by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.”



“There’s no registration or proof of income required. Also, children do not need to be enrolled in summer classes. They also do not need to attend an HISD school to participate in the program.”


It’s all just a normal thing. Kind of sad that it takes a giant federal program to help families in need.

Love to see this funded by voluntary donations & administered by churches or private charities- organizations that actually specialize in helping people.

Tax money- which some people intend to be used to help others via public assistance programs– also goes for a third try in Iraq & other wasteful spending on programs that might not stand a chance if people were given the choice to fund them.

Helping others by donating to churches or private charities, food banks, etc. can avoid these conflicts.

Donors are free to opt out if a charity misbehaves.

People should be able to keep more of their own money to donate to causes of their choosing.


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