Whidbey’s first retail pot store finally opens

My view-

Treat it like wine grapes. You are free to grow grapes in the back yard, make your own wine, share with friends and neighbors, buy at the grocery store, mini-mart, Costco, bars, taverns & restaurants, wineries, etc.

Two basic rules:

Do not furnish to minors.

Do not drive while impaired.

Did 20 years in the Marines, then football half time announcers ruined it for me- constantly reminding us that the The Troops are in distant lands fighting to protect American rights and freedoms.

If that’s all true- when do adults (18 & up) get to take delivery on all this freedom we hear so much about?

“You are free to do as we tell you.”

Bill Hicks



Celebrating pretend independence

You are an adult in Washington State


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Photo- Timeless at Port Hadlock