DOD marketing plan update:

Abuse scandals prompt Hagel to examine military’s links to NFL

“Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is taking a close look at the military’s ties to the National Football League amid a spate of domestic violence scandals involving high-profile athletes.”


Police: Fort Bliss soldier fatally beat 2-year-old daughter to death with belt

Will the NFL back away from honoring troops in camouflage at halftime ceremonies all across America?

No more Soviet-style military flyovers?

No more halftime sports announcers reminding us that The Troops are overseas fighting for American rights & freedoms?


No more camouflaged troops for bizarre publicity stunts:

“Weirdest moment of the Copper River Salmon arrival and celebrity chef cook-off: Seahawks kicker Steven Hauschka coaching soldiers how to kick the head of a salmon.”

Video here.


No more public/military resources used for NFL marketing stunts as newspeople play along with free TV advertising?


Seahawks change of command at JBLM



Press, military, entertainment industry & big business partnership


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Photo- Port Hadlock scene