DSC_0109Veterans’ representation in Congress has fallen drastically since post-Vietnam years


Track record of winning undeclared wars overseas has fallen drastically since 1945.


The world’s most modern & powerful military force has had their hands full for years now trying to pacify the locals in the Greater Middle East.

We’ve got such a good handle on the situation- National Guard units are doing multiple tours in distant lands- absent any military emergency, draft, or declaration of war:

Oregon Guard training for Afghanistan mission

June 16th ceremony in Bend



Heroin traffickers cross into the US free of screening, scanning, pat downs, special IDs, inspection of personal items, etc.

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Heroin use on the rise


Don’t worry-

The Super Bowl and public affairs will be safe-



Puget Sound Heroin

Not in the habit of winning decades of undeclared wars-

War on Terror prevents bad people from entering the US?

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US Department of Credibility



Photo- Fog clears at Port Hadlock