DSC_0002_005Arrested for recording Sunnyside police on public street

Months later:

“A man whom Sunnyside police arrested for videotaping a SWAT team has received an $8,000 settlement, reports the Yakima Herald-Republic. After the man posted a videotape of his arrest on YouTube, police requested the charges be dropped and the man sued for the violation of his rights.”

“The city owned up to the mistake, and the police department has taken training on rights of civilians to film their actions. Better yet, the city’s insurance company, Washington Cities Insurance Authority, plans to recommend similar action to other cities it represents.”

People have the right to film and take pictures of police actions in a public area, so long as they don’t physically get in the way or interfere with officers’ ability to carry out their duties.”


“You have a constitutional right to photograph the police,” Sheriff Urquhart asserted in a phone interview with me today. Threatening to arrest a citizen for legally taking photos of cops while on public property, he added, “is a constitutional violation, as far as I am concerned.”


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