DSC_0016 2The following agencies team up to go after heroin that makes it past the US Dept. of Homeland Security and into Minnesota:

– U.S. Marshals Service
– National Guard
– Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension
– Anoka County sheriff’s and attorney’s offices
– Dakota County sheriff’s and attorney’s offices
– Hennepin County sheriff’s and attorney’s offices
– Olmsted County sheriff’s and attorney’s offices
– Ramsey County sheriff’s and attorney’s offices
– St. Louis County sheriff’s and attorney’s offices
– Washington County sheriff’s and attorney’s offices
– Anoka-Hennepin Drug Task Force
– Hennepin County Violent Offender Task Force
– Lake Superior Drug & Violent Crime Task Force
– Minnesota River Valley Drug Task Force
– Northwest Metro Drug Task Force
– Ramsey County Violent Crime Enforcement Team
– Southwest Hennepin Drug Task Force
– Southwest Metro Drug Task Force
– Washington County Drug Task Force
– West Metro Drug Task Force
– Duluth Police Department
– Maple Grove Police Department
– Plymouth Police Department
– Rochester Police Department
– St. Paul Police Department


US Department of Homeland Security-

“…a department with more than 20 different agencies, a budget of more than $45 billion and a staff of hundreds of thousands of civilian, law enforcement and military personnel.”


Heroin traffickers are frequently successful at what they do. If terrorists were just as interested in entering the US- it appears that federal departments and agencies would have no way to stop them.

As always- the big law enforcement success story comes with zero reporting or questions from newspeople about why the proud War on Terror is unable to keep heroin out of the US.

Welcome Home Troops

Thanks for your service


If heroin was prevented from entering the US- law enforcement paydays like this one might not be possible:

Justice Department distributes more than $3.4 million to local law enforcement

From another source:

“A news conference is planned for Wednesday where the FBI, U.S. Attorney and U.S. Marshals will distribute $3.6 million to local police departments. The money was seized after busting one of Ohio’s largest heroin distribution rings.”

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Don’t worry-

The Super Bowl and public affairs will be safe-


Puget Sound Heroin

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