DSC_0079From Colorado:

Watch the Pot: ‘Drive High, Get a DUI’ Ads Chide Newly Legal Weed Smokers

White males finally got their hands on legal marijuana as depicted in the videos below:




Legal marijuana in Washington State:

Asking a few questions here is not to defend operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, legal or illegal drugs or marijuana.

Medical marijuana has been here since 1998.

Has I-692 caused problems on the highways?

If this is an honest concern- what has the state been waiting on?

People have been able to get behind the wheel after using marijuana for decades.

This would remain so- even if recreational use of marijuana never became legal.

Maybe the Washington State Patrol has seen this as a non-issue.

Where is the marijuana related accident data of the past 20 years?

If there has been a problem on the roads- why did the Washington State Patrol make no recommendations on how to address the situation prior to the Nov 2012 election?

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Marijuana is new? Washington State DUI testing plans-


Pizza Delivery-

Note perturbed homeowner dressed in business attire as Mr. Pay Equity rolls up on the scene:

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Photo- New day at Port Hadlock