DSC_0398Asked a couple questions on the facebook page of a liberty candidate (running for federal office) recently:

“What is your position on true marijuana legalization, which would include ending prohibition for adults age 18-20.

The law should not divide adults into groups of first & second class citizens.

What is your position on adults being able to grow marijuana plants without any medical authorization/special licenses/permits/permissions, etc.”

The basic response was that this is not a federal issue.

Makes sense to me- except the federal government is already playing a role here:

Federal agents raid marijuana dispensaries in Washington


“The Marijuana Eradication Program (MEP) is sponsored by the Drug Enforcement Administration and managed by the Washington State Patrol.”

“In the U.S. Department of Justice’s eyes, marijuana of any kind is illegal.”


Olympic National Park bust an example of where state, federal pot laws collide


City of Port Angeles-

“All Port Angeles Police officers have taken an oath to uphold not only state law, but federal law as well.”


Marijuana for profit-

“…the Bank Security Act and the Patriot Act — make it illegal for banks to take money from marijuana businesses.” 


Banks cleared to accept marijuana business

Frank Keating, president and CEO of the American Bankers Association, said the new rules aren’t enough to reassure banks.

“While we appreciate the efforts by the Department of Justice and FinCEN, guidance or regulation doesn’t alter the underlying challenge for banks,” he said. “As it stands, possession or distribution of marijuana violates federal law, and banks that provide support for those activities face the risk of prosecution and assorted sanctions.”


Heroin for profit-

Somehow, arrangements can be made at the bank to deal with sums as large as $3.6 million?

Is there an incentive to allow heroin traffickers to cross into the US?

If heroin was prevented from entering the US- law enforcement paydays like this one might not be possible:

Justice Department distributes more than $3.4 million to local law enforcement

From another source:

“A news conference is planned for Wednesday where the FBI, U.S. Attorney and U.S. Marshals will distribute $3.6 million to local police departments. The money was seized after busting one of Ohio’s largest heroin distribution rings.”



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