Nasty Notes & Veterans Parking


Went to Home Depot today & noticed veteran’s parking spaces near the front of the store.

There is no possibility that I would use one of these spots.

I think it is strange that modern American culture sees veterans as separate & different from the rest of society.

I don’t think this was the case in the 60s and 70s- when it seemed like veterans in the community were seen as more of an average thing.

Not looking for head of the line privileges over here.


Meet some veterans who have become disgruntled Re: discount availability:

“Home Depot No Longer Honors all Veterans”

Well done guys.


Today- most Americans can repeat the “Thanks for your service” slogan and move on without having to involve themselves or family members in decades of undeclared wars in distant lands. This is just the way politicians want it.

If there is any quiet sense of guilt among politicians or people who never did time in uniform about all that- it can be cleared up by thanking The Troops for protecting American rights and freedoms, supporting The Troops, giving them discounts, being cool with them wearing field uniforms in public, not questioning wars that aren’t won, etc.

Spending just a few moments at major sporting events honoring the troops covers for cutting benefits for those who hung in for multiple tours in Iraq.

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Photo- Local harvest.