Stop thinking for yourself.

Wait for further instructions.


“As Halloween approaches, many towns in the area are starting to post and enforce curfews and rules for the holiday.

Many towns are enforcing strict curfews and trick-or-treating hours. Area hours and rules are listed below.”

Seems like law enforcement resources should be used to go after individuals who are harming others- not for arbitrary crackdowns on people who have done nothing wrong.


Watch the TV for further instructions:

2014 Local Trick Or Treat Times


Why do Americans celebrate independence from a powerful central government each summer?

Why celebrate the spirit of adventure on Columbus Day? (Ok by me to throw it out- Columbus never set foot in what is today the 50 United States.)

Here is your reality- don’t function as an individual. Don’t place parents or neighbors in a position to think for themselves.

“Citing issues in years past, trick-or-treating must end by 7 p.m. on Halloween, Middletown officials said this week.”

If you live in parts of Ohio- Halloween is under tight control:

Tri-State trick-or-treat times 2013


You are free to do as we tell you.

Bill Hicks


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