DSC_0002_022Halftime sports announcers telling us that overseas military operations are somehow linked to American rights and freedoms keeps the focus on asking questions in these areas.


It’s Official: State Proposes Gutting Medical Cannabis Law


Sort of like the school lunch program replacing your favorite cafe:
New rules would ban medical marijuana dispensaries in state once recreational pot stores open


“Legal” marijuana in Washington State

Masterminding a centrally planned economy-

CLALLAM: County, city governments quiet on recreational pot law

Panel examines future of medical pot in state

Medical-pot sellers fear being ‘thrown under bus’

Prohibition remains in place for adults age 18-20 & for those who want to grow a plant for recreational use.


You are an adult in Washington State.

You may choose to take a friend and travel to wine country.

Maybe you will stay over at a hotel or B&B.

You tour one or more wineries- you buy a bottle to take home, or maybe a dozen bottles– no doctor’s authorization required.

No controversy.

Why is marijuana any different?


Law enforcement resources should be used to go after individuals who are harming others- not for policing arbitrary pre-crime scenarios.

No doctor’s note required for a glass of wine- why is marijuana any different?


One of the control freak’s biggest concerns is that people who get authorization to use medical marijuana are just looking for an excuse to get high.

How about the folks who line up for happy hours at bars, taverns & restaurants all across America-

Are they making up excuses to purchase shots of tequila and pitchers of beer?


What if someone shows up at work after smoking marijuana?

Employers control workplace standards of conduct- same as it always has been/same as for alcohol.


It took a constitutional amendment to prohibit the sale of a glass of wine- why no constitutional amendment to authorize a federal war on drugs, drug czar, prohibition of marijuana, etc.


You are free to do as we tell you.

Bill Hicks


A powerful central government knows what’s best for each one of us.

How about legal anti-depression meds that may bring on thoughts of suicide (0:34)


Government permissions, authorizations, permits, and applications for marijuana should be no more complicated than those required to use a glass of wine.


A Free Society?

The Black Market


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