DSC_0002_005“Commissaries in the U.S. where military families can buy inexpensive groceries tax-free are shutting doors Wednesday due to the shutdown.”

“Closing all stateside commissaries, except for two in remote areas of California and one in Alaska, disappointed patrons but it has stunned food manufacturers, distributors and brokers who supply the goods.  Their representatives are upset and urging the administration to reverse course.”

Think of the waste involving perishable food- produce, deli items, seafood, milk & dairy, meats, bakery items, etc.

Anyone who can find news about these items being donated to charity- please post in comments.


For those who question why on base shopping should exist in the first place- these are the traditional DOD military benefits that were used to entice people to stay for multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Recommendations for saving:

Phase out decades of ongoing, undeclared wars overseas. Phase out the Drug War, allow U.S. farmers to answer the global demand for Industrial Hemp.

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