If we hear the sound of freedom– is it OK to live like free people?


Will the Joint Chiefs of Staff grant authorization to take our 20 year old (responsible adult) girlfriend down to the bar to order up a few beers for freedom?

Any support from The Department of Defense Re: growing a marijuana plant in the back yard?

When we were told that our concealed carry permit was void on local, federal National Parks lands– did the Joint Chiefs of Staff send out “The Troops” to restore American rights and freedoms?



Are The Joint Chiefs of Staff working to reverse a federal ban on online poker games?

Are “The Troops” standing in the way of warrantless searches of homes and apartments?

How about Delayed-Notice Search Warrants?

How about warrantless use of hidden surveillance cameras?


Public policy stands in the way of freedom- a situation completely unrelated to military operations in distant lands.


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Photo- Port Townsend scene