This is what prohibition looks like:

U.S. Border Patrol agent pleads guilty to smuggling 147 pounds marijuana while on duty

Allowing legal, domestic production of marijuana would serve to eliminate a portion of distraction and potential corruption at the border- but we can’t have that in a free society.


Domestic heroin trafficking continues to serve as a US Dept. of Homeland Security report card-

March 14, 2013-

More than 56 pounds of heroin-

Two Vancouver men charged in Mexico-to-Washington drug ring


Cracked windshield leads to heroin bust in Cranford

I always wonder how a traffic stop- away from border crossings and ports of entry- turns into a search of the vehicle.

At the border- the drug traffickers must be operating properly maintained vehicles.


Domestic heroin trafficking makes a mockery of all war on terror crime fighting efforts, tactics, tools, & technologies.

Welcome Home Troops

911 should have been a drug trafficker’s worst nightmare. The US Dept. of Homeland Security- a whole new federal department- was created to stop terrorists and prevent another 911.

What happened?

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Heroin continues to make it past the drones-


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Drug Take Back Day 2013

Any concerns Re: non-toxic marijuana?

Using marijuana to break a narcotic dependency

The legal drug dealers will team up with uniformed authorities and the federal government later this month.

A federal toxic waste disposal program is required to rid the community of legal drugs.

These are the same folks that say No to growing a marijuana plant in the back yard- then hand out medals to people who protect our freedoms.


Drug Take Back Day!

Both major parties on marijuana policy-



Photo- Washington Coast