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Manipulating the Port Angeles Border Patrol whistleblower story-

“Former Port Angeles Border Patrol Agent Christian Sanchez drew national attention to the Peninsula in 2012 over the issue of Border Patrol overtime.”


“Moran said Sanchez’s claim was related to the Border Patrol being restricted in activities such as conducting farm and ranch checks for illegal immigrants, doing routine patrols at transportation hubs and providing language assistance to local law enforcement agencies.”

Agent Sanchez’s claim was related to Border Patrol restrictions that had not yet been enacted?

The local US Border Patrol whistleblower came forward in late July of 2011:

Border Patrol whistleblower pays price for refusing unearned overtime pay

Local bus boardings did not end until Nov of 2011:

Border Patrol stops bus searches

Providing language assistance to local law enforcement agencies ended in Dec of 2012- more than a year after Agent Sanchez made his claim:

Border Patrol to stop language translation for local law enforcement


“…farm and ranch checks for illegal immigrants…”

Under the old rules- to include suspicionless checkpoints & bus boardings, translation assistance and a fully funded program-

Has the Port Angeles Border Patrol stopped any Spanish-speaking people from illegally entering the US?

How may arrests have taken place that are connected in any way to the US/Canada border?


Zero reporting on secret arrest statistics & a total of 2 arrests connected to the US/Canada border.

The US Border Patrol at Port Angeles has stopped 2 people from illegally crossing into the US. That incident took place more than 2 years ago.

May 31st, 2010-

Two amphibious Canadian marijuana smugglers are captured on a remote Olympic Peninsula beach by the US Border Patrol.


Still no justification provided by elected officials or the US Border Patrol for an upgrade in staff requiring a new $11.9 million, 50 agent facility at Port Angeles- an area sharing no land border with Canada.


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