Local ID Theft arrest:

More than 1,000 pounds of stolen mail recovered; half with Kitsap addresses

Elsewhere in the US-

Why ask for a Social Security Number for a credit or loan application- when any SSN will be accepted & no verification is done to link the SSN to the loan applicant?

“In one case, they even used a 6-year-old’s Social Security number to get credit, it said.”

Too bad 6-year old- you should have signed up for appropriate credit monitoring services.

“…companies that issue credit do not have any way to confirm the age of the applicant. If the applicant using the Social Security number of a four-year old says they are 28, the credit provider usually accepts their word.”

Just the ticket for scammers- the system places a loaded gun in their hand.


We are advised to safeguard our SSN- then told it is required for medical records, job applications, student records, rental applications, financial records, fishing licences, military records, driver’s licences, and daytime parking passes for state parks lands: “If you are not already confirmed as being in the state database, you’ll need to provide proof of who you are, where you live and a social security number.”


Look out folks- your life could be wrecked by an administratively lazy system that has been in place for years now:


We live in a world of passwords and PIN codes which we may change daily.

When we do online banking- our account comes with a password at no extra charge.

Credit cards have a code on the back to prevent fraud.

That lifetime SSN sure seems to create vulnerability.

But wait- we can all buy protection- for just a small fee for each family member. Then pay hundreds more to keep it turned on- like paying a middleman for a police report to see if you have been the vicitm of a crime.

Solution- buy more stuff.



Create an opt in/out plan that allows people to make use of a PIN code associated with their SSN.

How about requiring credit reporting agencies to notify a consumer when someone using an identical DOB & SSN opens a new account and wants statements sent to an address that is not on file?

Elected officials are free to set priorities- such as undercover sting operations to make sure a cold six-pack doesn’t fall into the hands of a 20-year-old adult-

7 Dayton stores sell beer to underage buyer

County cafe fined $500 for underage drinking Undercover police cadet bought beer at restaurant

County goes after stores selling alcohol to minors

The Investigators: Self-serve store sells beer to underage buyer

Ever heard of a local sting operation to prevent fraudulent SSNs from being accepted for credit & loan applications?

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Photo- Point Hudson scene