Law enforcement resources should be used to go after individuals who are harming others- not for policing arbitrary pre-crime scenarios.


Government permissions, authorizations, permits, and applications for marijuana should be no more complicated than those required to use a glass of wine.


The freedom talk is just for federal holidays and overseas military operations-

“But the state’s most important allies in this risky political fight — its 12-member congressional delegation — have remained mostly silent.”


Masterminding a centrally planned economy-

Governor Inslee sends letter detailing state’s legal pot plan

Inslee also wrote that he is exploring digitally tracking legally grown plants and processed marijuana to preclude large-scale diversion. He mentioned that apples in the state can already be traced from individual orchards, “through packing houses and distributors, and ultimately to market.”

Governor Inslee,

It took a constitutional amendment to prohibit the sale of a glass of wine- why no constitutional amendment to authorize a federal war on drugs, drug czar, prohibition of marijuana, etc.


Standing by for federal authorities to tell the people of Washington State what they are permitted to do with marijuana-

6 Hanford tanks are leaking nuclear waste, Inslee says


“…strict advertising limits will minimize exposure to those under 21.”

During major sports events- every other ad on TV is for some version of super popular watered down beer. What prevents adults age 18-20 from viewing these ads?


A 25% tax to discourage the black market?

House panel hears bill to tax medical pot sales


Elected officials aren’t too good at prohibition-

Heroin continues to make it past the drones-


Black market update:

Study: Nearly 40 percent of cigs in Washington are contraband


Both major parties on marijuana policy-


Look for the drug war to remain in place-

The Drug War places us all at risk


A powerful central government knows what’s best for each one of us.

How about legal anti-depression meds that may bring on thoughts of suicide (0:34)



Freedom Fetish



Photo- Fog clears at Port Hadlock