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Best case scenario- elected officials, public agencies, & a free and independent press work together to keep people informed.

This concept has completely broken down Re: the US Border Patrol at Port Angeles.


We are told the #1 US Border Patrol objective is to stop terrorists.

The US Border Patrol explains this objective at a local public forum- this YouTube video covers Border Patrol objectives at 3:50


A series of setbacks- Port Angeles Border Patrol


Dec, 2012-

Border Patrol to stop language translation for local law enforcement

Under the old rules- to include suspicionless checkpoints, bus boardings & providing language assistance to local law enforcement agencies & the US Forest Service-

Has the Port Angeles Border Patrol stopped any Spanish speaking people from illegally entering the US?


Feb, 2013-

Damage control-

3 federal agencies to discuss a policy that ended last year?

Seems like a non-issue:

“Law enforcement officials in Clallam and Jefferson counties said the new policy has little or no impact on their operations and that they have other avenues for obtaining translation assistance.”


Please have a meeting Re:

Secret arrest statistics-

Secret arrest statistics are un-American


Denied FOIA requests-

“The Border Patrol has refused repeated requests by the Peninsula Daily News — including those made under the Freedom of Information Act — for arrest totals for the Port Angeles station, which covers a territory that includes Clallam and Jefferson counties.”


A whistleblower investigation that results in further suppression of information-

This local story cries out for investigative reporting:

“The whistleblower, Christian Sanchez, was stationed at a Port Angeles, Washington office staffed by over 40 employees – an office where there was insufficient work for the prior crew of four.”

“In the settlement, Border Patrol admitted no wrongdoing and a spokesman says its representatives actively worked with Sanchez to find effective solutions to the situation.”

Agency in question makes an inside deal- like negotiating a record contract or signing an NFL quarterback-

“terms are confidential.”

Deal results in further suppression of information.

Oversight? Checks and balances?

Reporters asking questions? Not a chance-

Zero reporting on the following questions:

Are fraudulent overtime claims the norm at Port Angeles?

Does the practice still continue?

How long did it go on?

Our Washington State Patrol opened a criminal investigation in a similar case:

Ex-trooper charged with official misconduct for overtime pay


More here:

A Very Effective Information Suppression Campaign


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Olympic Peninsula Border Patrol timeline here.



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