City of Port Angeles-

“All Port Angeles Police officers have taken an oath to uphold not only state law, but federal law as well.”

City of Seattle-

The Seattle Police Department told its 1300+ officers via email Wednesday that “Until further notice, officers shall not take any enforcement action—other than to issue a verbal warning—for a violation of I-502.”

Some counties are going their own way:

County drops 60 pot cases

A couple of areas where state and federal enforcement are different here-

Medical Marijuana & suspicionless checkpoints away from border crossings and ports of entry:

Sobriety Checkpoint Laws

The US Border Patrol on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula turned small-time enforcement of marijuana over to state and local authorities years ago- see video here:

Federal Policy No Longer Enforced at the Local Level?



Hey Mr. Drug Czar-

Marijuana & the relevance of state, federal & UN authorities

Washington state-licensed marijuana outlets?

Marijuana is new? Washington State DUI testing plans-


Possibly of interest:

Suspicionless ID checks away from border crossings & ports of entry-

State and local law enforcement agencies do not conduct suspicionless checkpoints in Washington State.

Border Patrol checkpoints came to Jefferson County, WA in 2008.

We are told the #1 US Border Patrol objective is to stop terrorists.

The US Border Patrol explains this objective at a local public forum- this YouTube video covers Border Patrol objectives at 3:50

At that same forum a lady asked:

“What is the penalty for not identifying oneself to federal agents at an internal, suspicionless checkpoint?”

US Border Patrol said they would call in the Sheriff when a person refused to identify themselves.

Sheriff says they will not respond to a non-emergency situation involving a person peaceably refusing to interact with federal agents.

Question about providing ID is at 0:35

Checkpoints ended here in 2008- possibly due to well informed citizens and local protests. Looks like they weren’t vital to national security after all.

War on Terror- credibility squandered.



Photo- Foggy morning at Port Townsend