What incentive do people have to wait a year for the first state authorized retail outlet to open?

Are state-licensed marijuana outlets relevant here?

Cities and counties in Washington State are not waiting on federal Drug Czar approval.

They are not waiting for the state to use up the next 12 months deciding on rules, authorizations and permissions for licenses & retail outlets.

They are not enforcing federal law.

They are throwing out marijuana cases involving untaxed product that were pending prior to election day.


Still wondering how high tax penalties will end the black market:

Study: Nearly 40 percent of cigs in Washington are contraband

Tax benefit expected from marijuana sales:

“The Office of Financial Management has concluded that taxes will raise $1.9 billion (that’s no typo, not “million” but “billion”) within five years.”

Maybe Washington State can sell the Discover Pass alongside their highly taxed marijuana-

“The Discover Pass, hastily rolled out last year as a new revenue source, hasn’t met expectations. The program – requiring state park visitors to pay $10 for a day pass, or $30 for a year – was projected to bring in $23.4 million in the first year. It managed only $13.2 million.”



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