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Several months ago, I found information posted by the DEA Re: heroin and cocaine availability in the US-


“Today, traffickers operating from Colombia continue to control wholesale-level cocaine distribution throughout the heavily populated northeastern United States and along the eastern seaboard in cities such as Boston, Miami, Newark, New York, and Philadelphia.”

“Heroin is readily available in many U.S. cities as evidenced by the unprecedented high level of average retail, or street-level, purity. Criminals in four foreign source areas produce the heroin available in the United States: South America (Colombia), Southeast Asia (principally Burma), Mexico, and Southwest Asia/Middle East (principally Afghanistan).”

Looks like this info is no longer available on the DEA website.


Interesting that the DEA would post info indicating that they’ve got a big job to do. Over at DHS- the message is more like- we’ve got a handle on it all-

Never forget-

“…one vulnerability or gap anywhere across the globe has the ability to impact security thousands of miles away.”

Looks like some vulnerabilities and gaps are present here:

Law officers seize 26 pounds of cocaine in car stop near Bellingham

Oregon State Police have seized 55 pounds of heroin in a traffic stop on Interstate 5 north of Ashland



Grand opening of the $9.8 million, 50 agent US Border Patrol station at Port Angeles- access restricted “only to media with credentials and invited guests

This local story has been developing for years now. There has been plenty of time for people with the advantage of a press credential to schedule appointments, do interviews & ask questions. Unfortunately- local reporters are not in the habit of doing so.



Photo- Wooden Boat weekend at Port Townsend