Judge allows lawsuit against Border Patrol

The PDN story above seems to indicate that the lawsuit is somehow about immigrant rights.

The Seattle Weekly is more clear:

“The Border Patrol had asked the judge to dismiss a class action lawsuit against the agency filed by three Olympic Peninsula residents–all U.S. citizens and two of them correctional officers–who said they had been stopped and questioned by Border Patrol agents for no discernible reason other than their dark skin.”

People get very worked up about immigration. Some seem to have an illegal alien fetish.

Plenty of news stories Re: immigration/illegal aliens on the Olympic Peninsula.

Zero reporting pointing out that the Port Angeles US Border Patrol has stopped just 2 people from illegally entering the US.

That incident took place more than 2 years ago.

I have questioned mysterious federal traffic stops on the Olympic Peninsula- going back to May, 2011.

Local reporters have failed to do so.



Why was the vehicle stopped?

DHS massing agents at Port Angeles- Surge results in 2 cross-border arrests

Secret arrest statistics are un-American


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