Border Patrol whistleblower pays price for refusing unearned overtime pay


More than a year later:

What are the results of the investigation Re: fraudulent overtime claims at the Port Angeles USBP station?

Aug 2011- “…Sanchez’s claims had been referred to the federal Joint Intake Center, which will refer it to an investigating agency, possibly the U.S. Office of Special Counsel.”


Hey local reporters-

Plenty of time has passed since August 2, 2011- What are the results of the investigation? No follow up?


DHS is probably best served by stalling on this.

Our Washington State Patrol opened a criminal investigation in a similar case:

Ex-trooper charged with official misconduct for overtime pay


Background here:

Secret arrest statistics & the warehousing of Border Patrol agents at Port Angeles

House Subcommittee Plans Hearing to Examine Homeland Security watchdog

Port Angeles Border Patrol- $9.8 million facility move in day


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Photo- Ruby Beach- Washington Coast