I stopped watching a while back.


In a general sense- I get the feeling these folks are not about to question the drug war, war on terror, homeland security police state, etc.

A couple examples:


Video promoting the drug war:

Serious subject matter- covered like an elementary school field trip down to the fire station- except- students might come up with some intelligent or interesting questions at the fire station.

With drugs streaming into Washington, state turns to National Guard for help


Video promoting gunboats escorting ferries on Puget Sound:

Another report treating viewers as if they are part of an elementary school field trip:

Behind the wheel of the ferry gunboat


Questions TV newspeople will not ask about those gunboats:

Gunboat escorts on Puget Sound


In some cases local TV newspeople come up with some serious investigative reports. Wish there was more of it.

Until then, alternative media & citizen journalists are stepping in to provide coverage that isn’t approved by local TV networks.

Some examples of solid reporting provided by TV news and alternative media here:

The Drug War places us all at risk



Photo- Camper & Barbie by Monica