It’s clear the Washington State Patrol sends people to the locations where services are needed:

“The number of troopers patrolling in Pierce County ranges from at least three to as many as 16, depending on what’s going on that day and the need in neighboring counties, Gill said.”

Statistics reveal traffic ticket hot spots in Pierce County 

“Statistics from the Washington State Patrol reveal the spots on Interstate 5 and state routes in Pierce County where drivers are most likely to get a ticket.”


News tip/story idea:

The US Border Patrol is moving into a new $9.8 million, 50 agent facility at Port Angeles.

The US Border Patrol at Port Angeles has stopped 2 people from illegally crossing into the US. That incident took place more than 2 years ago.

Unlike the Washington State Patrol- the US Border Patrol at Port Angeles tells us that arrest statistics must be kept secret.


Imagine a school district wanting to expand staff and facilities and, at the same time- suppressing public information Re: the number of students enrolled, teachers on staff and number of students graduated in the past 36 months.

“…the Border Patrol has refused to divulge the number of agents in Port Angeles…”


Please take a look at fraudulent overtime claims out of the Port Angeles, US Border Patrol station.

Almost a year after the fact- investigation status unknown:

Aug 2011- “…Sanchez’s claims had been referred to the federal Joint Intake Center, which will refer it to an investigating agency, possibly the U.S. Office of Special Counsel.”


Hey local reporters-

Plenty of time has passed since August 2, 2011- What are the results of the investigation? No follow up?

News links and background on this story here:

Secret arrest statistics & the warehousing of Border Patrol agents at Port Angeles



Photo- old ferry inbound at Port Townsend