Video: National parks try to attract younger generation

The average age of National Parks visitors is getting older?

Looks like the younger generation is staying away from National Parks?


The video above never got around to examining these points:


Maybe young people don’t feel like paying a $25 fine to get into National Parks?

American popular and political culture insists on dividing people up into groups- then assigning a separate value to each group-

National Park entrance fees are subsidized for military people and their families.

Ditto for people age 62 who can buy a lifetime pass for $10.00.


Times are tough- people are looking for work- they have less time for travel and leisure. Most National Parks are nowhere near anyone’s neighborhood- so just set aside $100 for gas and head out to a distant location where you will need to make arrangements to stay overnight.


Maybe an atmosphere of over supervision/police state tactics keeps young people away-

Yellowstone To Conduct Vehicle Safety Checkpoints This Weekend 


Maybe if we stopped shipping cash to places like Iraq and Afghanistan we could cover the entrance fees for young people at National Parks?



Photo- Ruby Beach, Olympic National Park