Super Bowl rolls out annual Homeland Security Police State control grid-

“The federal government’s ring of security includes 35 agencies and extends from the airport to Lucas Oil Stadium, the secretary said.

Air marshals, canines sniffing for explosives, and inspectors scouring delivery trucks at the stadium are part of the security force, she said.”

35 federal agencies?


High level government employees are paid to market fear and safety all at once.

Reporters are paid to read scripts– not ask questions-

What prevents terror strikes at hundreds of events & locations unsupervised by federal authorities or sniper teams?


“US officials are particularly concerned that Iran is prepared to launch an attack…” (00:51)

A new phase of The Fake War on Terror is upon us- Iran might attack?

It doesn’t matter what the situation is each year- The Super Bowl is like a Homeland Security Industrial Complex trade show for DHS employees, contractors, surveillance gear manufacturers, SWAT teams, etc.

Reporters just go along with it- no questions asked.

Indy battens down hatches for Super Bowl security


Previous Super Bowl security efforts- (what it looks like when Iran is not prepared to attack)

If federal SWAT teams are required for Super Bowl security- what prevents terror strikes at hundreds of events unsupervised by federal authorities?

1:41 “Soldiers in the lobby”

Ask yourself- how can speedboats and helicopters prevent terrorism?

How about a SWAT team- how would they stop a terrorist?

What stops terrorists from going 2 states over and blowing up a daycare center?

A SWAT team?



Super Bowl security?


If all the bank robbers in North America decided to become terrorists instead- how would the Dept. of Homeland Security stop them?

Buzz around in gunboats and helicopters?

Check ID cards?

NORAD/US Air Force radar?

Scramble fighter jets?

Inspect cargo shipments at US port cities?

Internal Suspicionless checkpoints and roadblocks?


Remember Sports Fans-

The best beer requires the least advertising.