Amphibious landing- Blaine Sector


Occasionally questioning the Fake War on Terror


Living in a land of Homeland Security make believe is not going to make us more safe.


Life wasn’t meant to change after the Osama bin Laden take down-

TSA rail, subway spot-checks raise privacy issues

Drive-by Scanning: Officials Expand Radiation Dose for Security Screening

Indy battens down hatches for Super Bowl security

“The federal government’s ring of security includes 35 agencies and extends from the airport to Lucas Oil Stadium, the secretary said.

Air marshals, canines sniffing for explosives, and inspectors scouring delivery trucks at the stadium are part of the security force, she said.”


Musician no longer permitted to perform on local ferry due to “security concerns.” 

Security concerns?

The Washington State Patrol uses dogs to check vehicles at some ferry terminals on some days. Walk-on passengers are not checked at any terminal- at any time.


Remember not to forget to stay scarred people-


What stops hardcore terrorists from blowing themselves up in crowded airports just prior to being questioned at security checkpoints?


Post 911 efforts to keep terrorists from visiting the homeland- still unable to keep illegal drugs out

Illegal drugs can travel from anywhere on the globe to anywhere in N. America.

Ditto for terrorists.

2 undeclared wars in distant lands and the invention of the US Dept. of Homeland Security have done nothing to change this.


Terrorists have access to hundreds of crowded public places in the US- free of federal supervision, screening, scanning, pat downs, etc.- why aren’t they blowing themselves up at these locations?


The federal government must have magic crime fighting powers to stop terrorists. The magic powers don’t work on crimes like bank robbery or drug trafficking.


It will be easy to spot an attempted strike. Expect the bad guys to be sloppy- the packages they send will look like they were put together by drunken 3rd graders, or Wile E Coyote.


Lead tainted toys show up in Seattle-

“While our priority mission is to prevent terrorists and their weapons from entering the country, we are also responsible for keeping a wide variety of harmful products from reaching the American marketplace,” U.S. Customs and Border Protection Area Port Director Roland Suliveras Jr. said in a news release. “Lead-contaminated toys are one such product.”

Do we wait to check for terrorists and their weapons until they arrive at the Seattle waterfront?

We did in 2006-

22 Smuggled Chinese Arrested at the Seattle Seaport

Note- the headline reports the arrest- further into the article we see that prior to the arrest- people released themselves from a shipping container and wandered around the pier in the wee hours.

“Once again, CBP was on the scene as the first line of defense in cargo security and against dangerous illegal activity posing a threat to our nation’s security,” said Tom Hardy, CBP director of field operations for Seattle. “CBP screens 100 percent of all maritime containers that pose a risk for terrorism at foreign ports before they are shipped to the United States.”

But not the containers used to transport human cargo?


Future Attribute Screening Technology (FAST) Project

What would stop bad-ass terrorists- the kind we’re supposed to stay scared of- from blowing themselves up just prior to stepping into the thought police van?

A 19 year old Marine with no more than a high school education & half drunk would be asking about this- but high level government employees are paid to market fear and safety all at once.


What prevents terror strikes at hundreds of events & locations unsupervised by federal authorities?


We are hearing ongoing reports of children enduring TSA pat downs at the airport.

More here

More here

Much talk about body scanners in airports- super high tech tools to keep us safe.

Compliant, predictable and well behaved terrorists will be stopped by body scanners and thought police technology- the bad-ass terrorists we’re supposed to stay scared of- will just blow themselves up in a crowded airport- prior to being scanned.

What stops terrorists from blowing themselves up in any crowded public place- just this side of the K-9 units, body language experts, body scanners and pat downs?


If federal SWAT teams are required for Super Bowl security- what prevents terror strikes at hundreds of events unsupervised by federal authorities?

1:41 “Soldiers in the lobby”

Ask yourself- how can speedboats and helicopters prevent terrorism?

How about a SWAT team- how would they stop a terrorist?

What stops terrorists from going 2 states over and blowing up a daycare center?

A SWAT team?



Super Bowl security?


Urban Shield SWAT EVENT- Preventing Terrorism Aim Of Operation ‘Urban Shield’

Preventing Terrorism?

More like reacting.


If all the bank robbers in North America decided to become terrorists instead- how would the Dept. of Homeland Security stop them?

Buzz around in gunboats and helicopters?

Check ID cards?

NORAD/US Air Force radar?

Scramble fighter jets?

Inspect cargo shipments at US port cities?

Internal Suspicionless checkpoints and roadblocks?


US Dept. of Homeland Security Port Angeles, WA-

Sentries & watchstanders unable to prevent lone bumbler from penetrating US Coast Guard base- then smoking marijuana in the CO’s quarters aboard 210-foot cutter Active- not to be discovered until hours later at morning colors.


Gunboats escorting ferries on Puget Sound-

Living in a land of Homeland Security make believe is not going to make us more safe. One of our local TV stations recently informed us about Homeland Security gunboats on Puget Sound.

Video here

This hard-hitting interview was an opportunity to answer most FAQs.

Serious subject matter- covered like an elementary school field trip down to the fire station- except- students might come up with some intelligent or interesting questions at the fire station.

What questions went unasked?

1) How does the gunboat protect the ferry if a bad guy is already onboard? The Washington State Patrol uses dogs to check vehicles at some ferry terminals on some days. Walk-on passengers are not checked at any terminal- at any time.

2) “Terrorists” (If they really are out to get us) can communicate just like teenagers- they can wait in line and ride the ferry just like anyone else. What would stop terrorists from riding the ferry and alerting each other if they see a US Coast Guard escort or Washington State Patrol dogs sniffing cars prior to loading?

3) If a terrorist wanted to get their boat dangerously close to a ferry- they could just put it on a trailer and drive it on- what would prevent this?

4) What stops terror strikes on the days US Coast Guard gunboats are not providing escorts on any given route or Washington State Patrol dogs are not on duty at any given terminal?

Conveniently- no suicide bombers, hostages, passengers or bewildered civilians in this staged ferry take down-

Send more money for federal SWAT teams.

Just the ticket for the day “Terrorists” abandon the sneak attack (Oklahoma City, 911, USS Cole, US Marine barracks Beirut, etc.) and go with a good old fashioned shoot-out between the good guys and the bad guys.


The goal for federal agents at US ports of entry is to stop 30% of terrorists and other illegal traffic.


GAO official at a recent public forum describing the 30% goal- video (00:39)


Another source


Another source


Hey VFW, Hey American Legion, Hey Joint Chiefs of Staff- what do you think about 30%?