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When we signed Real Estate papers in 2013- there was just one classic Ford truck between us and the garage.

This inspection report authorized the results seen in the photos below: 

We sent a public records request for more information on how decisions were made in this case. Details here:

Island County Records Creation Protocols


View from inside the living area of our home. Fence in lower part of image is on our property and was installed by us.

Merry Christmas:


Public Records Request – Fence on North Side?


Photo timeline here:

Penn Cove Watershed


What we were told by a County Commissioner on Dec 21st, 2017:

“Yes, there was a cease and desist posted a few years ago. Since then, the ownership of the land changed hands.”

The current property owner “…owns a car dealership…”

“The code states that if the cars are tied to a sales business and the vehicles are fully screened from the street, it is legal.”

There is no legally established permitted use at this property. A fence may be used to cover up vehicles secondary to a legally established permitted use.

The car dealership is more than 7 miles away and not in rural residential zoning. The previous property owner also ran the same car dealership:

“He was the owner and operator of O&J Sales on Goldie Road when it was raided by deputies in 2009.”

“…if the cars are tied to a sales business…”

Cars that are sold go home with new owners. They aren’t dumped off in some neighborhood 7 miles down the road near Penn Cove.

County Code 17.03.180 – Land use standards

Here is what it says: Island County Code – Junk Cars


Why is the Rolling Hills community included in Ebey’s Landing National Historical Reserve?

What services do Rolling Hills residents receive in exchange for permit fees Re: Ebey’s Landing National Historical Reserve?

The Rolling Hills neighborhood is the part of Ebey’s Landing National Historical Reserve where property owners pay fees for permits Re: Ebey’s Landing National Historical Reserve – yet no standards appear to be in place.

This is the portion of the reserve that will not show up on promotional websites, brochures, kiosks, school field trips, etc.

Does ELNHR attempt to maintain any standards in the Rolling Hills community?


Detailed Timeline and Results of Public Records Requests on this Rolling Hills property here:

Island County Records Creation Protocols