We closed out 2017 with Public Records Requests showing no site visits or enforcement action by the County Planning Dept. in 2017.

On January 11th, 2018, all 4 of these photos were provided to us as a result of a 1/3/18 Public Records Request. We wanted to find out if any enforcement action had been taken by Island County Re: junk cars on this property.

We are not able to determine the date that these 4 photos were taken. Does the image below show the entire inventory of junk cars Island County has found to be present on this property?

We requested a count of junk cars way back in August of 2017.

Our effort to find out how many junk cars were on site gained no traction, even though were told by a Code Enforcement Planner on August 17th, 2017:

“Thank you for your call regarding (property address). I have a re-inspection at the end of next week and I can let you know the count then.  Thank you very much.”

Details of that Public Records Request here:

Public Records Request – How Many Junk Cars?

Please compare the image below from Island County Public Records to images from a history we have created here: Penn Cove Watershed

Public Records Request results provided to us today indicate no enforcement action at this property.


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