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2018 – My Two basic rules for marijuana:

Do not furnish to minors.

Do not drive while impaired.

1978 – Public High School:

Marijuana was commonly available to all at the public high school I attended in the late 70s. People weren’t waiting for ballot initiatives, Governors, Mayors or the Washington state Attorney General to give their blessing.

Honor Roll students sampled it too. Somehow they went on to lead productive lives. Somehow they avoided worst-case scenarios of abuse.

Today- “Eight states and the District of Columbia have legalized marijuana for recreational use…”

Medical Marijuana is now at 29 Legal Medical Marijuana States and DC

I am 57 years old and the federal government still struggles with marijuana prohibition.

Where are the voters who promote smaller and limited government? Are they the ones who are OK with undeclared/unwon wars for that never end? Wars that are explained away as wars for…

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