I have included links here that I was not able to send using the Congressman’s email template.

Congressman Larsen,

I am writing about a large collection of junk cars on a property located within Ebey’s Landing National Historical Reserve boundaries.

Property is located at (street address).

I would send photos– but your email template does not seem to allow that.


The previous property owner was issued Island County Cease and Desist Order: Case No. 025/14 dated 2/19/15 for storage of junk cars. This Cease and Desist Order indicates several reasons why junk car storage cannot be permitted in this residential neighborhood.

A new owner took over the property in early 2017.

Earlier last year, multiple junk cars were towed to this location.

Public records requests show no site visits or enforcement action by the County Planning Dept. in 2017.

Public records requests show no indication that the County Health Dept. has verified that vehicles have had all batteries and fluids properly removed and disposed of to protect the groundwater supply pursuant to applicable Island County Health Department regulations.

Congressman, I have 3 questions for you:

Why is the Rolling Hills community included in Ebey’s Landing National Historical Reserve?

What services do Rolling Hills residents receive in exchange for permit fees Re: Ebey’s Landing National Historical Reserve?

This is the portion of the reserve that will not show up on promotional websites, brochures, kiosks, school field trips, etc. Does ELNHR attempt to maintain any standards in the Rolling Hills community?

Thank you for your time.

Potential Voter


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Sorry- No Time






Handsome sign located across from 3 Sisters Market– facing traffic headed away from Rolling Hills. Why not move it north on Highway 20 so that motorists will have a more accurate idea of where the boundary lies? If residents in Rolling Hills must pay permit fees Re: Ebey’s Landing National Historical Reserve- seems like they should get credit by placing the sign at the edge of the boundary.