The Island County Dept. of Natural Resources has been working “…to improve marine water quality and habitat in the waters around Whidbey Island…”

The Island County Health Dept. includes several programs that would seem to apply here:

Shorefriendly Program
Marine Resource Committee (MRC)​

Surface Water Quality Program

Salmon Recovery Program

Surface Water Quality Program
Water Resource Advisory Committee (WRAC)​


Public records requests show no indication that the County Health Dept. has verified that vehicles on this property have had all batteries and fluids properly removed and disposed of to protect the groundwater supply pursuant to applicable Island County Health Department regulations.

A public records request was submitted to request a copy of any written policies or procedures used for on-site inspection of junk cars. So far- this request has resulted in no written policies, procedures, checklists, etc. from Island County.

Background info here: Island County – Junk Cars

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