Take a look at the rusty blue truck just behind the white pickup truck in the photo above. Click image twice to show more detail.
This photo was provided by the county after a public records request Re: junk vehicles was submitted to Island County earlier in 2017.
The same truck was towed onto the property next door to us and added to the collection of junk vehicles there earlier this year.

Same truck is towed in on Aug 29th, 2017:

All done:

We asked the county for info on who took the photo at the top of this page and when and where it was taken. Was this photo taken as a result of any inspection report or enforcement action? The county provided us with no answers. Island County has no info on how this image became part of their files?

The white pickup truck in the center of the photo at the top of this page has also been placed on the property next door. It can be seen behind the blue van in the photo below. Click image twice to show more detail. Wiper blades can be seen in the same position in both photos.

Island County Cease and Desist Order: Case No. 025/14 dated 2/19/15 for storage of junk cars states:


All vehicles must be relocated to a “…pre-approved location within 30 days…”

At one time, Island County did not want people to move junk vehicles from one property to another where they would be in violation of county code.

Background info here: Island County – Junk Cars

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