Photo above is a view from inside the living area of our home. Another vehicle was added on Nov 8th, 2017. Fence in lower part of image is on our property and was installed by us.


We live next to a large collection of junk cars located within the boundaries of the Penn Cove Watershed and Ebey’s Landing National Historical Reserve.

The previous property owner was issued Island County Cease and Desist Order: Case No. 025/14 dated 2/19/15 for storage of junk cars. This Cease and Desist Order indicates several reasons why junk car storage can not be permitted in this residential neighborhood.

There is no legally established permitted use at this property. A fence may be used to cover up vehicles secondary to a legally established permitted use.

From Cease and Desist Order Case No. COV 025/14:

Page 2 of 4 C. No Junk/Salvage yard can be permitted in a Rural Residential Zone.

Page 2 of 4 D. No more than one junk vehicle can be stored on a lot less than one acre in size.

Page 3 of 4 I. Minimum parcel size for home industry is 2.5 acres. In order to operate home industry on parcel- owner must be full-time resident.

There is no permitted residence on this parcel.

The lot in question is less than one acre in size.

Applicable Island County Code 17.03.180 – Land use standards.

A new owner took over the property in early 2017.

Earlier this year, multiple junk cars were towed to this location.

Public records requests show no site visits or enforcement action by the County Planning Dept. in 2017.

Public records requests show no indication that the County Health Dept. has verified that vehicles have had all batteries and fluids properly removed and disposed of to protect the groundwater supply pursuant to applicable Island County Health Department regulations.

We are trying to understand why the previous property owner was issued a Cease and Desist Order, and there is no record of the Planning Dept. making any visit to this property in 2017.

We have gone through all proper channels- to include filing complaints and contacting County Commissioners. We have been patient about allowing time for things to change.

Any potential buyer of our property would surely question this Junk/Salvage Yard operation next door- which can not be permitted in a rural residential zone.

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