Island County is working to clean things up.

In the news:

Stanwood Camano News-

Property rights at root of cleanup issues
Island Co. discusses ‘team approach’ to difficult cases

Whidbey News-Times-

New approaches explored for backlog of county code violations

Sorry, no time for reporters to interview property owners, neighbors, business people, volunteer groups, etc.


From comments:

“After reading the article in full, it seems as though the ones who have been violating said code enforcements can just blame it on mental instability , get a big hug and told it’s ok..the tax payers are here for you…hmmph.”

Last time the local paper ran a similar story- it also had a “not much we can do” sort of feel to it:

Property clutter poses problems for county regulators

More here: Can’t Do Anything About the Really Stubborn Violators

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What services do Rolling Hills residents receive in exchange for permit fees Re: Ebey’s Landing National Historical Reserve?

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