DSC_0004 Marijuana permitting process in the news: Pot grower asks for after-the-fact approval

“West yesterday continued to insist the county has no knowledge of the unlawful use. On Tuesday, he said didn’t know the buildings were already being used for marijuana.”

Nothing to act on if no complaint has been filed:

“Actually, I don’t have knowledge. There’s been no complaint filed.” Just having been told about the violation, even by credible sources, doesn’t equate to “knowledge,” he said. “People mention things to me all the time. That doesn’t mean I have evidence.”

Mixed messages in local government:

The health dept. conducts regular inspections of businesses that sell food & beverages without waiting for complaints to roll in. Fire inspectors do inspections without waiting for complaints. State & local law enforcement agencies do DUI patrols without waiting for complaints.

Back in May of 2014-

The public knew of the new marijuana business: Impending recreational pot business in Island County off to a hazy start

The county also knew- even without any complaints?

“But the approval doesn’t seem forthcoming. David Wechner, the Island County planning director, said the property appears to be zoned “Oak Harbor industrial.” The recently approved county regulations governing recreational marijuana don’t allow retail pot shops in that zoning.”

Update: Pot grower likely to gain permit to keep growing pot: Lack of penalty leads to questions about fairness


Elsewhere in Whidbey news: Builders demand burglary relief from Island County sheriff

Still curious about why funding for Island County law enforcement should be tied up in a Homeland Security patrol boat.


Let the Sheriff & the people he serves set funding priorities for the Island County Sheriff’s Department.


Also- Now is the time to get in on a mountain of used tires offered by a local business.


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Photo- Slow Lane, Whidbey Island