Best case scenario- elected officials, public agencies, & a free and independent press work together to keep people informed.

Local law enforcement agencies set the example in sharing public information with the public:

Port Angeles Police Dept.

Jefferson County Sheriff’s Log

City of Port Townsend Police Log


US Border Patrol maintains a working relationship with the press:

US Border Patrol, Erie station-

The people of Erie, PA did not have to submit a FOIA request to find out what justified the expansion of their local Border Patrol station-

No public information/security conflict at the U.S. Border Patrol station (not sector) in Erie, PA.

Erie Station- similar to Port Angeles in that it is separated from Canada by water.

Note: reports of the expansion at Erie include numbers of arrests out of that station:

“The Border Patrol operations in Erie, nearly six years old, include more than 30 agents who apprehended 588 illegal immigrants in fiscal year 2008-09.”

“The Border Patrol’s apprehensions in the Erie area have grown steadily, from 332 in fiscal 2006-2007 to 588 in 2008-09 to 305 so far in 2009-10.

Of those apprehended so far this fiscal year, 136 were individuals found by other law enforcement agencies and turned over to the Border Patrol.”


JFK speaks about the role of the press in a free society-


Authoritarian airport CEO shut down by the law after he orders camera to be shut off-

No permission, application process, permits, insurance policy or ID required.

Please see 09:39

“He doesn’t have to show you his identification.”

“Just so you know- he’s not doing anything wrong.”



Photo- New Day at Point Wilson