Law enforcement resources should be used to go after individuals who are harming others- not for policing arbitrary pre-crime scenarios.


The people who run both major parties & the conventions that nominate presidential candidates agree on the Drug War.


Ditto for the TV networks that sponsor presidential debates & ask scripted questions of candidates.


Local media video promotes the Drug War-

Serious subject matter- covered like an elementary school field trip down to the fire station- except- students might come up with some intelligent or interesting questions at the fire station.

With drugs streaming into Washington, state turns to National Guard for help


The drug war places us all at risk-

High speed car chases

Drug raids at the wrong address

Botched Paramilitary Police Raids

Dogs killed in SWAT raids

Student left in Drug Enforcement Administration holding cell for nearly five days

Guilty until proven innocent roadside searches-


A powerful central government knows what’s best for each one of us.

How about legal anti-depression meds that may bring on thoughts of suicide (0:34)


Cross-state hazmat evacuation operation conducted to rid communities of toxic products sold by legal drug dealers:

Peninsula residents turn in unused drugs in take-back day


Post 911 efforts to keep terrorists from visiting the homeland- still unable to keep illegal drugs out-

‘Uptick’ in heroin use seen on North Olympic Peninsula


“Marijuana smuggled into the United States, whether grown in Mexico or transshipped from other Latin American source areas, accounts for most of the marijuana available in the United States.”

Allowing legal, domestic production of marijuana would serve to eliminate a portion of distraction and potential corruption at the border– but we can’t have that in a free society.