Study: State spent $200M on pot enforcement

After I-502 passes-

How much will be spent on prohibition Re: adults age 18-20, those possessing more than one ounce, those growing a plant, and those who obtain marijuana from other than state sanctioned outlets?


How much will be spent on DUI testing and enforcement?

Driving while impaired testing/legal limits for marijuana-

The concern is that bodily fluids may test positive for residual evidence of marijuana use (not abuse) unrelated to driving while impaired.

This is not to defend operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, legal or illegal drugs or marijuana- the concern is to avoid wrongful DUI arrests for people who are not impaired.

Medical marijuana has been here since 1998.

Has I-692 caused problems on the highways?

If this is an honest concern- what has the state been waiting on?

People have been able to get behind the wheel after using marijuana for decades.

This will remain so- even if recreational use of marijuana never becomes legal.

Maybe the Washington State Patrol sees this as a non-issue.

Some will say there is no reason to be concerned about being forced to submit to a marijuana impairment test because in order to be stopped for impaired driving- you have to show impairment?

This leaves out the possibility of being involved in an accident through no fault of your own- rear ended, hit a deer, etc.

During the accident investigation you are asked to submit to a test- maybe you appear to be stressed out, nervous, in shock, emotional, etc.

Perhaps you’ll be forced to prove your innocence at a DUI checkpoint?



Photo- Port Hadlock Transit Center