Two separate incidents- same day, same parking lot.


Incident number one:

“The Chevrolet driver, startled by the horn, quickly placed his car in drive and gunned the engine, according to the report.”

“I saw a woman fly into the air and a car exiting QFC parking lot at a high rate of speed.”


Incident number two:

“The Mazda driver started the car, placed it in drive and accelerated hard…”

“A QFC employee stated that he and the others ran up to the driver’s side of the Mazda yelling at the driver to stop her car, but she continued pressing the accelerator with rear wheels smoking and spinning in place. The victim remained trapped below the vehicle’s front.”

“My legs are broken in half”


Seems like once or twice a year we hear a similar elderly driver story here on the Olympic Peninsula-


Car backs into child, landscaping


Car hits pharmacy, driver blames wet shoes


Repairs made on Sequim post office after car crashes into front entrance


Driver attempts low-speed getaway into Port Townsend


Outside the local area:



Photo- Oak Bay starfish